I Hope I Passed.

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In school, every Friday is assessment day. During the month of April, the students in Texas must pass the state assessments to graduate and to pass to the next grade. It’s highly important to do your best to retain the knowledge, understand the lessons and comprehend what is being taught daily.

Well, my prayer is “I hope I passed last week assessment on my job.” I’m working with new people. In a new but familiar environment. I’m working on a new team. More is required of me. Constantly being engaged and rarely a moment to sit down.

My work days were very lengthy. Yes, the overtime is a plus on the next check. however, my body felt the stretched. This was a difficult test.

It all started during the month of May. I knew my after-school assignment last day was quickly approaching. I had a brief chat with God and shared my concerns and thoughts. I didn’t worry because I left my request with Him. I just rested in assurance He would work everything out in my favor.
Shonuff He did.

A summer position landed in my lap. Little did I know the position required more of me. I was thrust into a new role working full time unexpectedly. My life changed rapidly.

My concern is:
Did I make a difference?
Did I share too much?
Did I talk too much?
Did I do what was required of me?
Did I represent Christ in action and words?
Did I show love, patience, joy, peace, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control?

My lifestyle must represent my Father, Abba in action and deed.
Performing well is mandatory when assessing my spiritual growth and personal development. I hope I pass the test.

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Operating in Excellence

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Last Friday, I had to repent.


This week at work I was tried and tested.

I believe in operating in a Spirit of Excellence.

As God’s children, our Father does things with excellence and perfection.

When I am working with peers, co-workers, and leadership I expect excellence.

My patience is tried, I become frustrated.

A little or maybe a lot irritated after a few days.

However, I- me, the Kingdom girl must get it together and realize our Father loves us unconditionally.

What if they don’t carry their load?

What if they only do enough to get by?

What if they ride the clock?

What if they work half heartily?

What if they don’t follow protocols or procedures?

What if they do steal time?

What if, what if?

It doesn’t matter.

What matters is my attitude.

What matters is my thoughts.

What matters is my actions.

What matters is me.

What am I doing to make things better?

You see, I serve God.

They should see God in me.

Can they see God in me?

Can they see love in me?

Can they see hope in me?

What do they see in me?

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Making Necessary Changes

78D1A607-B0F4-4F63-A628-D91C9A32604EMaking Necessary Changes 

Making changes are not always easy. In fact it’s very difficult. 

Changes are required and mandatory if you hunger and thirst for more. 

Call it insanity on a level ten.

Changing the mindset.

Changing daily thoughts.

Changing environments.

Changing viewpoints.

Changing friends.

Changing desires.

Changing your language.

Totally surrendering to the new path determine to blaze this unknown trail.

This journey never seen or done before. 

Submissive and living in humility knowing mistakes will be made but obedience is the ultimate goal. 

It’s a high cost to be obedient to Him. 

Everyday is a new day to embrace change.

There is a time and season for all things under the sun. 

Knowing your season, whether it’s spring, summer, fall or winter will make a difference in your life.

A winter or summer season is not always a challenging moment. 

Always develop yourself in each season. 

A season come and go.

A season won’t last forever. 

Seasons are mandatory changes. 

The weather changes everyday. 

The temperature never stays the same. 

Just take a notice of nature. 

Nature does an excellent task of illustrating how often season changes. 

Whatever it required to become a better you do. 

Embrace changes accordingly. 

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Make A Difference

F58C793A-F534-4432-A515-01A9164210F8At the drive-thru of a popular food chain paying for my lunch. I noticed a man wanting money or food. I tried to ignore his face but he spoke, I’m hungry…I want a burger. 

I have seen this man before over a 10 years period walking up and down the street. Someone, who we would associate as a homeless person, bum, or drug addicted. 

Nevertheless, today was different. I was moved beyond compassion. 

My mind immediately thought 

“What if this was my baby, my son, my daughter, my brother, or me? Would I want someone to help feed them?”

Of course!

Please, help my child and I would gladly pay you back.

I immediately asked the cashier, has anyone feed him or given him food? 

They said, no. They gave him coffee. 

I asked him to go inside and I will pay for him to buy a burger. 

I gave the cashier money to pay for his food. 

As I drove to work I cried. My heart was deeply touched. 

So many people in society with nothing or little. 

Showing love to all mankind is the least of our service.

Making a difference in the lives of others will change the world and you too. 

Sharing, giving, and helping our brothers and sisters in need is a loving duty.

Life has way of reminding you of the words love and hope.

Generosity goes a long way. 

Who can you help today? Make a difference in the life of someone today. 

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Gray Hair

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Do What’s Right

993BC442-795B-4507-9B23-634D42EA3691Do What’s Right

When I was a little girl, maybe 1st grade I read a sign in the gym.
It was a big sign on the wall that read
“Treat Others The Way You Want To Be Treated!”
The Golden Rule is just as revalant now in 2018 as it was in the past in 1978.
As an educator enforcing policies and procedures is a daily occurrence when engaged with students. Role modeling the expected behavior is necessary.

One of my personal Golden rules I lived by was NOT saying the word “SHUT-UP.” Yes, that word was forbidden forever from my vocabulary. I voluntary gave up that shhh…up word. I was so afraid shhh…up would spilled from my mouth in front of my students. It’s not a bad word however it’s not a professional word that should be said in a classroom either. You never want your students to know you lost your cool or blew a fuse. Then, they would have the upper hand on you.

My method for the madness is the toothpaste tube. Once you squeeze the tube, whatever’s in you will come out through words, body language, or facial expression. Please let the flavor be winter fresh and not spicy hot.

Doing what is right is your responsibility.
Making right choices.
Eating right.
Living right.
Speaking right.
Meditating right.
Reading right.
Listening right.
Thinking right.
Right is doing whats is good, just and proper.
Right is behavior that is morally good or correct.
Doing what’s right everyday is a choice.

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Power of Your Words

120FC935-B5C1-4E3F-9DA8-BC0893082A88I finally got it!
It took me some months and years to figure it out however,
I now know my words have super activation power.
In 2009, at a conference chatting with an older woman maybe in her 70’s.
She spoke words of wisdom to me. “There is power, like fire in your mouth. You have the ability to build or tear down. Your mouth is a sword. Your mouth is powerful.”
Little did I know, your words can speak life or death.
I was totally blown away by the conversation. I left thinking what? Really?
How is that possible? My voice is powerful?
Yes, yes, and yes! There is power in your words.

I saw it with my own eyes this past weekend in Houston.
I’m always attending a conference, gathering, training, and seminar to improve my life. You do know I believe in personal transformation and spiritual growth.

On July 13, 2010 I wrote down on a sheet of paper in class, “Order/Shift – I am bring order and realignment in your body, thoughts, family, and ministry. Connections to others through ministry.”
This is what I heard while I prayed in a class.

As I was saying, this past weekend at the Encounter with a group of online friends in a hotel, what I written down in 2010 was illustrated live and in action. My life was shifted. I connected with other like minded individuals in ministry of dance/worship. I gained new family of friends in ministry. The connection was impactful.

There is power when you write and speak.
I believe in vision boards.
I believe in journaling.
I believe in knowledge.
Knowledge is power when activated and applied to your daily life.
I believe in reading books, journals, articles, and listening to audible books too.

It’s important to see and know where you are going.
You have the ability to change your life. You must write the vision and apply action such as steps and goals to aligned with your journey.
Your words will shift your life.


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