I Will Not Break…

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Every once in a while, you must do a self-talk. I tell myself…

I refuse to break.
I refuse to crumble.
I refuse to give up.
I refuse to stop.

I will crawl.
I will slide.
I will tiptoe.
I will roll.
I will keep going.
I will keep moving.

No matter what it looks like.
No matter the results.
No matter the wait.
No matter who stops.
No matter what I see.
No matter what I hear.
I must.
I shall.
I will.
Go, go, go.
Do, do, do.
Say, say, say.
Yes, yes, yes

There are times life throws curveballs, fastballs, screwballs, gutter balls, or a changeup ball.

But, don’t lose hope.

Don’t give up. Don’t give in.

Stay in the race.
Take out your bat and play ball.

You gotta encourage yourself.
You gotta pat your own back
You gotta celebrate your small wins.

Life won’t always be like this.
This is only temporary.
This is a blink.
This is not the end.

It’s truly the beginning of a new you.
You are wiser, stronger, smarter, and better.
You survived the worst.

You can write the book.
You can wear the t-shirt.
You can teach the sermon.
You did it!!!

Remember, when life throws you a ball it time for self-talk, self-encouragement, and self-declarations.



About Rolanda Burch Allen

Mentor, LeadHERship & Life Coach 2 Women - #CIPPSisters - Confidential, Independent, Personal & Private Sisters- Get Unstuck! #freedomgal #besetfree @willyouriseup @anowword RolandaBAllen.com
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