Pretty on the Outside

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Pretty on the Outside, No Content Inside

So disappointing!

So heartbreaking!

Looking for the perfect pair of shoes, dress, purse, and accessories.

However, when you get home, the pretty items didn’t meet your expectations.

Have you ever read a book and the wording or message just was blah? 

All recycled information from other authors?

Have you ever desired that one meal you’ve seen advertised in an article or on television? So, you visit the restaurant with your friends with high expectations, you’re given this beautiful plate, but the food tastes terrible? 

Have you ever waited for that movie to be released with your favorite stars?

You’re at the movies, eating your popcorn and the storyline leaves you puzzled? 

For the past 5 years, I purchased a yearly calendar to stay organized with assignments.  I used calendars while in college, for my daily to-do list and budget purposes. Well, today, I realized my traditional calendar which is cute and appealing on the outside is missing much-needed content inside. Meaning I need more content on the pages. 

My life has changed. My life has evolved on so many levels. I am not the same girl I was at the age of 15, 25, 35, or 45. I need much more with my active lifestyle. 

How many times have you fallen for the “Okie Dokie” because the outside package was hot, fine, and perfect? 

Don’t Answer!!! 

I will answer for you!

We all have at least once. 

No more pretty on the outside with weakness on the inside. 

You know this applies to your personal development and spiritual growth as well.

The outer shell is on point but your inner thoughts and heart are perplexed. 

Sit down and spend time thinking, writing, and envisioning your future journey. 

Purchase things that will grow with the new you. 

Guess what, this sister is upgrading. Gotta plan for the upgraded life. 


About Rolanda Burch Allen

Mentor, LeadHERship & Life Coach 2 Women - #CIPPSisters - Confidential, Independent, Personal & Private Sisters- Get Unstuck! #freedomgal #besetfree @willyouriseup @anowword
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