I Need Space.

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My heart is screaming “SPACE.”
It’s been about 18 months since I moved back home with my parents.
I love my family.
I love my young adult children.
I love my parents.
I love my siblings.
I love my iPad.
I love my journals.
I love my cell phone.
But I need space.
I need isolation.
I need privacy.
I need quietness.
I need stillness.
I miss my independence.
I miss my peace.
I miss my life.
I miss my own kitchen.
I miss my own bathroom.
I miss my own huge closet.
I miss my own garage.
I miss my SUV.
I miss my contemporary living.
Starting over isn’t always easy.
I needed this time to reflect on me and prioritized my future.
I needed so much healing.
I needed to get my life together.
Yes, I missed my life, but I needed this moment to think.
I have grown by leaps and bounds.
The time with my family has been valuable.
Now, that I’m healed, I’m ready to fly again.
I’m ready to soar high.
Healing required me to declutter unnecessary baggage.
Holding on to old thoughts and beliefs just had to go forever.
Renewing the mind every day and sometimes throughout the day was mandatory.
I need space to do me… I need space to express my greatness.
I need space to explore my freedom. I need space to relax. I need space to enjoy everyday living. I need space to celebrate the new me.


About Rolanda Burch Allen

Mentor, LeadHERship & Life Coach 2 Women - #CIPPSisters - Confidential, Independent, Personal & Private Sisters- Get Unstuck! #freedomgal #besetfree @willyouriseup @anowword RolandaBAllen.com
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