Life is Too Sweet

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Word of Caution!
Word of Wisdom!
Never argue with people.
Especially people with TITLES.
Actions speak loud and clear…
It is ok to say, “yes sir” or “yes ma’am” and walk away.
Don’t lose sleep or waste energy.
Give them to God.

I am learning we all grow and develop at different speeds, times and seasons.
People will do what they want to do.
Peoples hearts and motives are deceptive.
God knows the heart of His children.
People think they know what’s best, however, what little they know.
You can see and hear the pain in their voice.
People are hurting.
People are bleeding for revenge.
How can I get even for the pain you inflicted in my life?
Let it go.
Stop saying you forgive and knowing deep down within you don’t.
You are hurting yourself.

I have been hurt, disappointed and crushed by people close to me, people I have trusted.
Leaders, family, friends, and associates but I released it.
As you mature, learning your identity and purpose in life your thought process changes.
You are no longer the same.
That was my past.
I have moved on.
My future is blissful.
I don’t and refuse to waste energy that is not in sync with my purpose.
Yes, I have to build trust in meeting new people.
I also, know the importance of boundaries.
My argumentive days are over.
Life is too sweet to lose energy and sleep.


About Rolanda Burch Allen

Mentor, LeadHERship & Life Coach 2 Women - #CIPPSisters - Confidential, Independent, Personal & Private Sisters- Get Unstuck! #freedomgal #besetfree @willyouriseup @anowword
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